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The shift to digital continues as Industry Expo hits 500,000 visits....

The IndustryExpo Virtual Exhibition was the first large-scale virtual exhibition to be launched offering a fantastic range of virtual environments where companies host products, services, or solutions to the ever-increasing number of visitors.

Designed for Engineers from the world of industry, engineering, and automation.

Industry Expo is like a physical event that you can visit from your tablet, mobile, or PC at any time, but, in truth, it’s a lead generation platform.

The platform monitors traffic to your stand with detailed backend statistics and CRM tracking systems that offers information on products viewed, document downloads, videos watched, and more…

Creating a ‘Digital Twin’ is an economically (and environmentally) viable option to bridge the gap between live events, expand into the virtual world with Industry Expo and engage with a wider audience, 365 days a year, 24/7.

Call us now for a demo and find out how we can create a stunning online experience that provides an unparalleled source of data and sales leads. - 01892 956493 - 018920956492

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