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Connecting your brand to a global audience...

Industry expo, a fully interactive virtual trade show dedicated to all things industrial, from design and engineering to processing and manufacturing.

Serving the information needs of industry professionals who have design, specification, or purchasing responsibilities, with specific interests in automation systems, components & equipment, design, energy efficiency, integration, and logistics across all manufacturing and service industries.

Visitor numbers have increased massively since VIP invites and marketing promotions started; we are welcoming on average 2,000 visitors every 24hrs and over 480,000 since January 2021.

Industry expo, where exhibitors are visible 24/7, 365 days a year

Attendance at the only industrial global virtual trade fair

Ability to change product content on the stand at any time throughout the year

Host presentations in the seminar theatre or on your stand, either live or recorded content.

Bridging the timeline between live events

Attract new customers, promote brand awareness, launch new products.

Invite customers to your stand using our VIP invitee service.

Visitor access via smartphone tablet or PC

Fully optimized for maximum visibility across different search engines.

Each exhibition stand, section, or hotspot has its own URL, effectively offering a standalone webpage, a powerful tool in terms of optimisation.

Live message or video chat option.

Super HD 3D navigation system using high-res CGI and dynamic rendering

Avatar presentations on your stand, “Let your sales team appear virtually on your stand”

Track VIP guests/visitors by products viewed, videos watched, downloads… using the platform’s visitor stats/CRM function.

Goody bag option! An added function enabling further data collection.

Let us quote for either a shell scheme stand or, do you have CAD drawings of a live stand? We can render this to replicate in the virtual world. Industry expo is an annual event not just a few days of the year! - 01892956493 - 0189295649

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