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Connecting your brand to a global audience...

According to an Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum survey of event industry executives, 24/7/365 platforms were predicted to be the most disruptive new technology.

IndustryExpo delivers a quality experience for those attendees who are not able to attend in person. IndustryExpo supports all year-round, always-on engagement strategies for exhibitors.

The recognition is that business doesn’t stop after “in-person” events. Instead, there is a need to enable opportunities to meet, discover and engage throughout the year. A 365 strategy extends and helps to ensure an active marketplace to conduct business, offering a massive opportunity for successful all year around communications, marketing, and sales.

For those forward-looking companies, a massive opportunity awaits along with the already established community of exhibitors in attendance at With over 400,000 visitors globally since Jan 2020 the digital stage is yours and waiting. Virtual exhibition stands, virtual showrooms, stand alone or built into IndustryExpo. Conference and webinar environments. Get in touch to discuss the opportunities available.

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