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IndustryExpo.. Bringing a wider audience together!!!

Generate virtual leads

Daily footfall in the thousands and offers visitors the opportunity to connect with exhibitors, explore products, watch online presentations, and download technical info. Recent visitors include representatives from companies such as Princes Foods, Severn Trent Water, Jaguar Land Rover, Nestle, Pernod-Ricard, Honda, Allied Bakeries, Thames Water, Arla Foods, Anglian Water, Dover Port, Halo Foods, Pirelli, PepsiCo, Toyota, Merlin Entertainment, Veolia, Tata Steel plus many SME’s.


Just like physical trade fairs, a virtual trade fair is an event where exhibitors and visitors connect. Industry Expo a web-based interactive platform offers a truly unique experience to explore what’s on show. Discover businesses, products, services, and solutions. Make contacts through live chats/message service. Additional navigation options such as search functions, product listings, and company profiles allow visitors to quickly access relevant booths and gain “Information on demand”


Connect with an audience of engineers working within manufacturing and associated service industries, who have specific interests in automation systems, components & equipment, design, energy efficiency, integration, logistics & warehousing, maintenance, materials handling, processes & production, safety, and training.

Showcase your brand

Each exhibition stand, section, and hotspot has its own URL, which is searchable by Google. This means every hotspot on an exhibitor’s stand is effectively its own web page that includes title, Body Text, Image, Pdf, and or Video. With over 10,000’s individual hotspots currently live on the IndustryExpo it’s easy to see how industry expo has become an extremely powerful tool to showcase products and brands.

Digital marketing accelerates the speed to market

Innovative opportunities can increase a business’s competitive edge .Bring a wider audience together. Visitor data allows a capture all on IndustryExpo. No physical location or associated costs. Attending a virtual event avoids reasons for non-attendance – travel, costs, car, rail, airfare, hotel, etc.

The attendee only needs a computer and an internet connection.

Remove the geographical limitations, anyone around the world can attend, and the number of attendees can grow exponentially.

A lower carbon footprint, minus the small amount of electricity it takes to power a computer or smart device. Sustainability scores!

CONTACT: - 01892 956493 - 01892 956492

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